Financial Inclusion is about ensuring everyone has the opportunity to access the financial services products needed for everyday life.  For us, that means helping our customers to take care of their money by providing smart options for payments and savings, and access to good advice for cash flow problems.

Money problems can affect anyone at any point in their lives and, with living costs increasing, more of us are looking at how we can make the pound in our pocket go further.

Improving the lives of customers and their communities is at the heart of our business and our financial inclusion services are about making a difference where people often feel it most. One–to-one budgeting and debt advice are available to help improve money management and avoid rent arrears. We advise on how incomes can be maximised and, such as through pre-tenancy benefit checks, and where small changes in routine can deliver have big changes.

Where Choice does not provide services directly, such as in providing affordable credit, we’ve built strong trusted partnerships with organisations like the local Citizens Advice Bureau and Credit Unions.  Together we can provide a range of expert advice and services that help address important issues like:

  • Welfare Rights  – Help and advice on all aspects of social security benefits and tax credits.
  • Welfare Reform - Find out about how the changes may affect you.
  • Money and Debt Advice - Guidance on managing money and controlling debt
  • Financial Inclusion surgeries - Locations and times of Welfare Rights/ Money and Debt Advice surgeries
  • Credit Union - Help with savings and loans

 Choice are working closely with the Credit Union to actively promote membership in an attempt to discourage “door step” lending and promote low cost affordable loans.

You can find your local credit union by visiting the following sites:

Irish League of Credit Unions

Ulster Federation of Credit Unions

Ormeau Credit Union 

What we hope to gain

Our objectives in providing financial inclusion services include:

  • Reduced rent arrears, and more income generated
  • Reduced abandonment of properties    
  • Reduced homelessness as less tenancies fail
  • More settled communities as there is less debt and less failed tenancies
  • Financial gain for our customers through better money management, more disposable income, and a decrease in the likelihood of losing their homes

Choice is committed to supporting our customers to better manage their money and maximise their income.    

Our Financial Inclusion services are among of a series of commitments that Choice is making to bring real benefits to the communities we serve. 

Contact Us

If you would like further support or advice in relation to any of our financial inclusion services please contact Choice Services Centre on 0300 111 2211 or email