House Sales Scheme Ends midnight 27 August 2022

As many of our tenants are aware, legislation has been passed in the Northern Ireland Assembly which has resulted in the forthcoming end of the statutory House Sales Scheme. This legislation means that Choice tenants will need to apply to the scheme before midnight on 27 August 2022 should they wish to purchase their property. Choice tenants will no longer be able to avail of the statutory House Sales Scheme after midnight 27 August 2022.

Choice completed a mailing to tenants in eligible properties in October and have had many enquiries since then with tenants contacting us to check their eligibility to purchase before the August deadline.

We have listed below some of the most commons queries which have come up in relation to the end of the scheme and the house sales scheme in general.

When will the House Sales Scheme end?

The House Sales Scheme will end at midnight on 27 August 2022. Tenants who are eligible and wish to apply to buy their home must ensure that their application is received by Choice before this date.

Choice Housing will not take any responsibility for applications not received, lost, delayed or received after this deadline. Applications received after this date cannot be accepted.

How do I know if I am eligible to buy my property?

Tenants must have a minimum of five years tenancy with Choice Housing or other qualifying landlord to be eligible to apply for the House Sales Scheme. (Please note restrictions below.)

Full eligibility criteria, including the list of all qualifying landlords, is detailed in the House Sales Scheme Guide to Tenants which you can download from our website or request via post or email. Please note that Victoria Housing Estates is not a qualifying landlord.

The property must be the tenant’s only or principal residence.

Who cannot buy?

The following property types are excluded from the scheme:

  • Tenants of sheltered/group dwellings.
  • Tenants of 1 and 2 bed bungalows.

Instances of tenancy misconduct may restrict your ability to purchase.

Am I entitled to a tenancy discount?

Tenants may be eligible for a discount depending on a range of factors including the age of the property in which you reside. For example if your home was built/purchased within the last 11 years, discount may not be applicable. This scenario is referred to as Historic costs and is detailed in the House Sales Scheme Guide to Tenants.

What if I have bought equity in my home and wish to buy more after the Scheme has ended?

If you have previously bought some equity in your home you will still be able to purchase more equity after 27 August 2022. The reason for this is because you entered the House Sales Scheme including equity sharing before the date the scheme was abolished.

Summary of House Sales Scheme


How do I get more information?

If you would like more information and to find out if you are eligible to purchase your home, you can contact Choice Housing in the following ways:

Call on 0300 111 2211 for an application pack, and we will send this out to you by post,


Visit our website at for House Sales Scheme information and to view and download an application pack including the House Sales Scheme Guide to Tenants.

For the official guidance on the House Sales Scheme visit the Department for Communities website at