30 Oct 2015

Choice announce new electricity supplier for our new homes

Choice announce new electricity supplier for our new homes

Choice are excited to be able to announce a new agreement for the supply of electricity to our new homes!

We have entered into a preferred supplier agreement where Budget Energy will be nominated as the electricity supplier to all of our new homes.  We understand this is one of the first agreements of this type in Northern Ireland which demonstrates our innovative approach to delivering improved services for our customers.

Choice have plans to develop hundreds of homes each year and under this new arrangement Budget Energy would be the initial chosen electricity supplier with new customers benefitting from a saving of around 10% on their electricity bills against the regulated price in Northern Ireland.  There are no obligations placed upon our tenants to remain with Budget Energy but this arrangement ensures that our tenants can have confidence that they are getting a good deal from day one in their new home.

We anticipate that this move by Choice could deliver cumulative savings in our new homes of £20,000 or more against regulated prices in Northern Ireland.

Choice have also been active in reviewing our landlord electricity supply which we anticipate will deliver savings of over £150,000 for our customers.