15 Mar 2019

Participants of the popular Tenant Employment Scheme – WorkChoice, gathered with partners Choice and Bryson FutureSkills to mark the successful completion of the 2018 programme.

The initiative, which first launched in 2016 focuses on upskilling people dealing with unemployment in a range of disciplines, with the ultimate aim of gaining long-term employment. 

Now in its second year, this unique programme lasts for 26 weeks, works directly with participants to tailor career paths, enhancing the lives of tenants in terms of employment, income, health & well-being and overall lifestyle. The bespoke initiative in partnership with Bryson FutureSkills develops abilities and experience to transition towards long- term employment.

Lawrence Jackson Choice Group Director of Organisational Development said:

“A central focus for Choice has been its drive to support people into real jobs and to build employment skills and experience. This meaningful effort boosts social mobility and goes beyond the core ‘bricks and mortar’ element expected of housing associations.

“At Choice we place importance on creating stronger, more inclusive communities. Providing and managing homes remains the first duty of Choice but Work Choice shows how social businesses can assist tenants to prosper. The participants who have successfully completed the programme should be incredibly proud of their achievement today“.

Choice and other likeminded employers provided participants with the opportunity to develop their skill set with practical, ‘hands on’ training and helped them achieve an OCN accreditation, while gaining a salary.

Monica Ikeke 2018-19 participant:

“I applied for a position and having already completed a Diploma in I.T. I was offered the opportunity to join the ICT team which I accepted. While having the Diploma I have found it difficult to gain employment within I.T. due to my lack of experience. WorkChoice provided experience within an I.T. department and has built my confidence.

The training and work have enabled me to better understand how the information I learned during my Diploma can be applied. I look forward to continuing my development in I.T.  and feel confident the experience I have gained with Choice will help me be a stronger candidate in future.”

The pursuit for improvement has shaped Choice’s vision of what people should expect from a modern housing association. One that embraces and understands the complex business of changing lives and building communities. It has emboldened Choice to focus resources, creativity and commercial ambition to unlock the barriers towards employment and collective social and economic advance.