04 Sep 2019

Daisyhill Court Housing Scheme in the heart of West Belfast is surround by an extensive garden.

A conversation started amongst the residents if it would be possible to use some of the garden to grow vegetables.  That conversation took on momentum and using what they had and pulling in a few favours the tenants managed to build three raised beds. Choice provided funding for the compost and basic equipment.  A contact from the Belfast City Council provided support and advice and the raised beds are now producing a range of vegetables; onions, lettuce, spinach, carrots and scallions. At the recent Daisyhill Midsummer Barbeque a selection of the produce was used for salads.

The gardening bug is spreading as tenants are growing peppers, chillies and seedlings for the allotment.  The project has inspired other residents to consider growing their own and the benefits of growing your own is well documented in terms of it supporting wellbeing and health.  It was the enthusiasm of residents, particularly Alan Murphy and Eddie Kelly that transformed a conversation into a result.

Staff and tenants see this as the beginning of something that will continue to grow as a project. Daisyhill would love to connect with other schemes who grow their own and would like to thank all who gave encouragement particularly at the beginning.  So get your wellies out and start digging planting and harvesting.