30 Sep 2019

The Muriel Smyth Good Neighbour award is held annually and is an opportunity to nominate a Choice tenant who embodies the values of a good neighbour.

There are many reasons someone would be deserving of this award, have they helped you out at a time of crisis or are they a good neighbour all the time?  Do they help you with your garden or do some shopping for you when you can’t? Perhaps they have looked after your children so that you can have a break or go to work? Maybe they have just been there when you needed someone to talk to.  The entries for this competition ae always inspiring, and this year was no different.  The judging panel read through the many entries and were blown away by the accounts of kindness, thoughtfulness and community that shone out.

In the end it was a very personal entry which won.  Roberta McKitrick of St. Elizabeth’s Court in Dundonald was nominated by a neighbour, the entry detailed the important ways Roberta makes a difference.  Congratulations Roberta!