30 Jan 2020

The art club at Lillie Court has been running since last summer, each week around eight tenants come together to work on group and individual projects.

Meeting every Friday morning for a couple of hours, the tenants all contribute £1 which covers the costs of paints, brushes and of course, biscuits!

It’s impossible to over state the importance of connecting with others and using our creativity.  Research has shown that using creativity can reduce stress and promote relaxation.  Art can help us through difficult times, and can be a release if we are ill or lonely.

One of the founding members, Sadie Norton, has this to say about the art club – ‘I had an interest in painting and when Leanne (our Co-ordinator) suggested starting a club at the scheme, I was happy to be involved and encourage the other tenants to share in my passion.  They look forward to coming together and trying new techniques and I have seen them improve their art skills over time. We get a cup of tea enjoy a chat which is very relaxing and allows us to build friendships between tenants.’

At Lillie Court the art club has brought people together and everyone is feeling connected and involved.

Emaur Mercer – ‘I find that painting calms my mind and is very relaxing and it’s great to be able to spend time with the other tenants.’

 Robert Richards – ‘I am learning new skills such as painting and drawing. There is a nice atmosphere in the club with everyone who comes along.’