30 Jul 2020

Due to circumstances in 2020, we had to halt our scheme anniversary celebrations which is unfortunate as so many of our sheltered living schemes are marking significant milestones this year. For example, The Belgravia in Belfast which has now been at the heart of the community for 35 years, that’s almost 4 decades providing a home and community to so many.

The Belgravia, consisting of 2 floors of sheltered accommodation as well as 3 floors of general needs homes, opened in 1985 and was a shining example of the sheltered housing model.

Situated on the Lisburn Road, The Belgravia is in a lively and vibrant part of the city.  It has always been a popular scheme, due in part to the dedication of staff, but also as a result of the sense of community the long standing tenants have created.

Happy 35th Anniversary to the Belgravia, and to all our other schemes celebrating milestone anniversaries this year, we look forward to celebrating with you as soon as we can.