08 Jul 2020

Good luck to all the tenant participants of the Housing Association Integration Project!

Along with Clanmil, Apex and Radius, Choice is currently delivering a Peace IV funded initiative the Housing Association Integration Project (HAIP). This project is being delivered in 40 areas throughout the province with cross border initiatives and will run until November 2020. HAIP is designed to promote peace and reconciliation between all of our communities and we hope to engage as many of our residents as possible in the project, which consists of a number of initiatives.

Willing tenant participants have the opportunity to build personal skills, as well as forge new friendships and partnerships both throughout the province, and cross border.  

 As part of the wider project, 14 participating tenants from the four housing associations  have been identified as potential Good Relations Community Champions, and are taking part in training throughout, upon completion of which, they will have gained a Level 2 OCN qualification.

 The course, which began on 18th June and will run for 6 weeks, will develop skills around group working dynamics, facilitation skills, handling contentious Issues, delivering skills, communication skills, listening skills and building on confidence in public speaking. 

 We look forward to hearing from the participants once they have completed their training.