21 Jun 2021

Jeanette McLaughlin is the scheme co-ordinator at Mill Court in Belfast. Since the beginning of the year Jeanette has been on a very successful mission to get healthy and has inspired tenants at Mill Court to join in on her journey!

Following years of increasing poor health, Jeanette tried a low carb diet and learned about sugar content in carbohydrates.  Over 6 months Jeanette has lost 41lbs and is has only 10lbs to go to reach her target weight.

Jeanette said of her weight loss:  “The tenants see me now and they are asking how I have achieved this, a few have asked me what I have asked about low carb eating and although they have not stopped carbs completely, they have cut back and are losing weight. One has over one stone off and another is coming up to one stone. This has nothing to do with age or ability.”

Choice is committed to inspiring and supporting employees to prioritise health and wellbeing and embrace positive lifestyle choices. In 2017, our comprehensive Health & Wellbeing Programme was launched which included the appointment of four voluntary Health & Wellbeing Champions with an allocated budget to drive and promote the health & wellbeing agenda across the organisation.  It is fantastic to see individual staff taking care of themselves and inspiring others to do the same.

 Jeanette- “My energy is through the roof. I am 50 years old and I seriously feel 30!”

You can read more about healthy choices here.