25 Nov 2021

With energy prices rising a number of times in recent months, we should be more conscious about our use of appliances, both at home and in the work-place. Not only are poor energy-rated appliances more harmful to the environment, they are also more expensive to operate.


When purchasing appliances, whether it’s a new washing machine, cooker, tumble dryer or TV, you should consider the energy rating awarded to the appliance. Almost all appliances are now at least ‘A’ rated however, this does not mean that they are all the same. Models can be A+, A++ rated or even A+++ — each of which means quite a big leap in energy efficiency.

It is also important that, when you are finished using an appliance, you avoid placing it on standby. Simply switching all appliances off when they are not in use could save the average household around £40 a year.

Other examples are:

  • Choosing an F-rated 65”TV over a G-rated 65”TV could save you almost £25 a year.
  • Choosing a D-rated fridge freezer over a G-rated model will save you around £30 in energy bills a year.
  • Choosing an A+++ tumble dryer over an A+ -rated model could save you around £35 a year off your energy bills.

For more information on how you can save energy please visit our website at www.choice-housing.org/energy or contact the Northern Ireland Energy Advice Line on 0800 111 44 55.