25 Nov 2021

Choice Housing have targets in place to reduce our landlord and communal energy consumption, which involves continually investing in our housing stock and examining further measures such as reducing heating settings where possible at communal schemes in Spring each year. This has become even more important for Choice and our tenants in recent months with the cost of heating and electricity getting more and more expensive.




We would advise our customers to consider simple ways to reduce energy consumption in your own home, with some suggestions highlighted below.


Use low energy lightbulbs and turn off unnecessary lighting (costs for lighting account for 10-20% of your electricity bill).



Familiarise yourself with how to use any heating controls. Reducing your thermostat by just 1 degree could save you 10% on your heating bill.



Switch off appliances that are on standby – this could save you up to £40 on your electricity, while saving up to 45kg of carbon dioxide each year.




Close your curtains at dusk to help keep heat in.




Only fill your kettle with the amount of water you need, making sure to cover the kettle element. 



Use your washing machine and tumble dryer wisely (including any communal washing machines and tumble dryers if you live in a housing scheme where these are available).




Dry clothes outside in warmer weather.




Further information and help is available by contacting the Northern Ireland Energy Advice Line on 0800 111 44 55. 


Choice Housing have also produced an energy saving guide for our customers, which is available to view or download from our website at www.choice-housing.org/energy