23 Feb 2022

Got a Post Office Card Account? Here’s what you need to do-

Post Office Card Accounts are to close in Northern Ireland meaning 51,000 people need to find a new account for benefits and pension payments.

If you have a Post Office Card Account the Department for Communities is advising you to withdraw your money from your post office account and then update your details by contacting the Department for Work and Pensions on Freephone 0800-085-7133.

If you need to arrange withdrawing any remaining balance and move to another account, you will have to arrange this directly with Post Office on Freephone number 0345 722 3344.

Universal Credit claimants: can update their bank account details via your online account or if you need telephone support contact 0800 012 1331.

You can find more information about the Post Office Card Account closure from the Advice NI:


There is also information on NI Direct:

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