27 Jan 2022

January is a tough month with cold weather and dark nights. Money issues following Christmas can make it even more difficult. For many, job security and the impact of the pandemic on personal finances are a primary concern, especially with increases in energy prices and the removal of the top up from Universal Credit.

At Choice we are ready to support all our tenants through what will be a challenging few months in 2022. Our Financial Inclusion Team are on hand and available to speak to you should you have any questions or feel you would like practical advice about money issues. Personal finances can be a challenge to confront, but our dedicated team are always sensitive and discrete. The Financial Inclusion Team have been able to use their combined experience over many years, responding quickly and creatively to tenants’ concerns.

The team are delivering value for money for both the organisation and tenants alike. In the last year the team helped tenants access £2.7 million in financial gains, such as:

• Benefit maximisation and help applying for financial uplifts

• Housing benefit entitlements checks and assistance to increase this were possible

 • Securing grants to help set up home

 • Support for tenants in arrears by establishing sustainable repayment plans based on the tenants personal budget

 • Applications to benevolent funds

 • Support with Universal Credit applications and maintenance of claims.


You can contact our Financial Inclusion Team on 0300 111 2211 or email enquiries@choice-housing.org