06 Jul 2022

Choice Housing, one of Northern Irelands largest housing associations has published its first Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report, leading the way in a sector that is committed to contributing to real environmental and social change.

Measured against the Social Housing Sectors Sustainability and Reporting Standard (SRS), the report sets out Choice’s commitments and subsequent progress in a range of areas, including achieving zero carbon targets, housing affordability, safety, and tenant voice.

The first housing association in Northern Ireland to publish a report of this nature, this represents a new chapter in Choice’s commitment to enhancing stakeholder awareness of key environmental and social priorities that will ultimately create long-term value for tenants, the organisation and society as a whole.

Commenting on the report, Choice Group Chief Executive, Michael McDonnell said,

“Our ESG Report not only measures our performance against set industry led goals, but it is a clear pathway to how we can minimise our impact on the environment, deliver social value and support thriving sustainable communities.

“A key commitment across local and regional government is to reduce our carbon footprint and it is vital that housing associations play their part. Whilst our assets management team will play a significant role in how we establish workable decarbonisation pathways, a key element of our approach will be to provide our tenants with the tools and knowledge to be agents for change”.  

The report details key targets and outcomes across a range of environmental, social and governance led commitments. Risk management, community investment, tenant engagement, and managing environmental impact all form part of commitments that are aimed to contribute to a better society for all.

Michael added,

“This report and the commitments within it will play a key role in decision making across the organisation, including investment priorities and community development initiatives. Reporting against the key criteria establishes a standard which will demonstrate much needed transparency in our processes”.  

Choice provides a mix of supported, sheltered and general needs housing across Northern Ireland, providing over 12,000 homes across the region.