08 Jun 2022

The new Summer edition of Choice News is now available for download. This Special edition of our newsletter for Choice Housing Ireland tenants focuses on how we are supporting our tenants during the cost of living squeeze.

Key features include:

Help with your Money on page 4 - our Financial Inclusion Team are on hand and available to speak to you should you have any questions or feel you would like practical advice about money issues.  We have also included our Monthly Planner for you to try.

Help with Energy Costs on pages 5-6 – this section details ways to save on energy bills.

Help with Food Costs on pages 8-9 - Learn more about the work the Trussel Trust are doing to provide emergency supplies and dignified support to people locked in crisis.

There is a reminder about the House Sales Scheme coming to an end on midnight 27th August 2022 on page 22.

Community Development Team – Find out what our Community Development Team have been up to over the last couple of months on pages 26 – 29.

 You can download the newsletter from the attachment below.

If you would like to submit a feature for consideration for the next edition of Choice News – such as a poem, a personal achievement, an interesting story, or indeed anything you feel would be of interest to other Choice tenants – then please send your article(s) to:

The Editor, Choice News, FREEPOST BEL2371, Belfast BT1 6BR

Similarly, if you would like to join the Tenants’ Forum Editorial Team to contribute and review articles for the Newsletter please contact the Services Centre on 0300 111 2211 or email editor@choice-housing.org

All contributions gratefully received! And of course, we always appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have for Choice News in general. After all, it is a newsletter for YOU!

Choice News Summer Edition