15 Jun 2022

Choice Housing has partnered with local charity Homeless Connect to provide people moving from homelessness into a new tenancy with much needed support as they begin their tenancy journey. The ‘Getting Started Boxes,’ which includes a range of essential items will help new eligible tenants set up their new home.

The Getting Started Boxes contain a range of food and basic hygiene items and are an addition to the Home Starter Packs that provide basic household items to set up home. Such items include a microwave, slow cooker, kettle & toaster, cutlery, crockery, towelling and bedding etc.

Carol Ervine, Group Director of Tenant & Client Services said,

“For any first-time tenant there can be a significant financial burden in setting up their home and it is vital that tenants are supported during this process. Our support helps new tenancy holders create a solid foundation to promote long term sustainable tenancies.

“Choice has committed to working with partners in supporting sustainable living across Northern Ireland. With the continued rise in the cost of living it is clear that there is a growing demand for help such as the Getting Started Boxes and we were keen to fund this addition to the project. “

Kathy Henry from Homeless Connect said:

“We exist to prevent and reduce homelessness in Northern Ireland. One very practical way of doing that is to help people with the transition from homelessness to home by providing essential items, to get them settled in. The support from Choice will enable us to offer Getting Started Boxes to more people which is especially important in this tough economic climate.”

Choice also manages a Financial Inclusion Programme which supports tenants improve their financial capability through money management and maximisation of income. In the last year, this Programme helped tenants access £4.6 million in financial gains. Specialised staff at Choice continue to help tenants with benefits, debt, and budgeting advice.