27 Sep 2023

Best supported housing landlord.

Providing quality and affordable homes for individuals and families across Northern Ireland goes beyond the bricks and mortar. Choice is committed to providing safe places for people to live independently, with the appropriate support required that is tailored to the needs of tenants. A key element of this support is to identify the needs of tenants and work with a range of partners and service providers to ensure that their needs are met.

House 10 Enterprise Court based in Bangor is a shared supported housing service for adults with severe and enduring mental illness and associated complex needs. The service provides accommodation for individuals aged 18+ with their care and support needs being met through a 24hr staff team.  There was an immediate requirement to redevelop the property to adequately meet the needs of a growingly complex client group. This project was delivered in partnership with the South-Eastern Health & Social Care Trust and Inspire Wellbeing. 

House 10 provides homes to some of the most vulnerable and at risk in our society and whilst it was determined by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Agency (RQIA) that these individuals did not require an intensive care environment on an acute ward they needed suitable accommodation before they would be discharged.

The project was motivated by the need to create a bespoke service for a previously unmet need, an intensive rehabilitation service. A working group of key partners was set up and extensive engagement was undertaken to identify areas of work that needed to be undertaken and how these would be evaluated to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.

Specialist works were undertaken which provided greater security and privacy for this group, around the property. A carefully designed space facilitated each service user having their own independence in the form of their own bedroom and ensuite facilities whilst still offering important social interaction in the form of communal kitchen and activity space.

House 10 Enterprise Court has been developed as a short-term service, with the aim of rehabilitating service users who can then move on to a more independent living option once they are ready. The scheme bridges the important gap for service users who are transitioning from hospital discharge to the community.

Following completion of the project, service users moved into their new home in December 2022. It is anticipated that they will be ready to move on within two years, meaning House 10 has the potential to transform up to 30 peoples’ lives over the next ten years.

“The service has been a welcome addition to Enterprise Court. Through creative partnerships, ongoing commitment, and engagement we have enabled the resettlement of six individuals who otherwise would continue to call the Downshire hospital their home. These Service Users now have a chance to experience life within the community, supported to develop their independence and to enjoy the life which they seek and deserve.”

Yvonne Russell - Coyles Community Services Manager, SEHSCT