13 Sep 2023

The key benefit of sheltered living is the provision of our scheme co-ordinators and 24 hour emergency assistance. This helps our tenants feel safe and secure – knowing that assistance is on-hand in an emergency.

Social activities and contact with other residents enables sheltered living tenants to maintain an active social life even as life circumstances change. Our tenants in sheltered living have over come issues such as social inclusion, loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression.

Our scheme co-ordinators are on hand to organise support services and all our sheltered schemes are linked into social help and care services.


Spotlight on James Court

Situated off Kansas Avenue in North Belfast and surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom trees, this sheltered living scheme comprises of 41 single bedroom apartments and 13 double bedroom apartments, with lift access to the upper floor. 

Early 2023 we completed a large-scale upgrade an investment of £2m. The scheme, originally built in 1980, underwent multi-element renovations across its 54 properties and communal areas.

Group Chief Executive Michael McDonnell,  

“Over the last two years, Choice Housing has invested over £20m in Capital Spend on planned maintenance on existing housing stock. This investment ensures that existing developments continue to meet the growing needs of tenants and the quality standards of any new build that we commission.”

James Court is right at the heart of the community and a hive of activity all year round. a short walk from the Holy Family Church on the Limestone Road. Located close to local amenities such as shops and medical centres, the scheme is conveniently positioned on a main bus route with easy access to Belfast city centre and Glengormley, allowing residents to live independently but access support if needed.



An active group of tenants recently pooled their resources to collect money for Trocaire. This year the tenants were proud to donate a staggering £1000.  The sense of community at the scheme sees the tenants looking out for others at a time when finances are so tight for everyone. 

Jennifer McCloskey and her partner Anthony. “ It is a worthwhile cause, its important to be able to help people less fortunate than ourselves.”



Art Club

The Arts club is a recent addition to the sheltered living scheme this year and is already proving very popular.  The group focus on both individual and group projects, supporting each other as they learn new skills and hone existing talent.

John Clark, tenant- "The art is very good for the mind but the most enjoyable part of our art group is the craic.  We laugh a lot and it is as much a social gathering as an art exercise- its fun, try it yourselves and see."



Gardening at James Court

Gardening has really taken off at the scheme following the renovation of the court yard. The garden club meets daily and have produced their own vegetables. The gardeners kindly donate surplus vegetables to the People’s Kitchen. Happily Jeanette McLaughlin, scheme co-ordiantor rustled up a cottage pie for some of the tenants, using potatoes grown at the scheme. 


Jeanette McLaughlin, Scheme Co-ordinator-

“The tenants tell me that the best thing about James court is the friendship they have formed. The craic is great when they get together in the evenings to play games on Fridays nights, and bingo on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Sharing communal areas can take some getting used to but the tenants have found a way of helping to ease new tenants into the scheme and making them feel welcome. Our tenants have great plans including a befriending service where they look out for the more vulnerable tenants in the scheme. It can be busy here, but the  tenants are all so kind and considerate with each other, it’s a joy watching them create such a warm, creative atmosphere here at James Court.”

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