07 May 2024

On 1st April, we launched our ‘Choice Group Strategy to 2027’ which sets out the framework we will follow over the next three years as we strive to deliver high quality, demand focused, social and affordable housing.

Our first strategic priority is to continue providing great properties and combined with proactive support for mixed tenures and shared housing schemes, everyone will feel at home in a Choice community.

Secondly, Choice Group remains committed to playing its part in supporting communities to thrive. Working with central government, local authorities, and other stakeholders, the skills, knowledge, and networks we can access means we can take a prominent role in regenerating neighbourhoods.

Strand three of the plan will see Choice Group ‘Empowering our People’ by investing in skills, enabling technology to simplify the customer and staff journey, and ensuring access to development funding.

Whilst our Strategy to 2027 sets a new and exciting direction forward for Choice Group, our mission is unchanged as we seek to enrich the lives of our tenants and communities through the provision of great homes and great services.




Choice Group Strategy to 2027