Choice Housing Ireland Ltd works with a diverse range of suppliers who help support the Associations mission statement “to enrich lives through great homes and services”.

Our Vision to 2021 to “to be recognised as the leading housing association group in Ireland”

We have unique and demanding needs that evolve rapidly.

To help support our business operations we work with a rich diversity of suppliers. This includes suppliers of all types and sizes at local and national level.

When selecting who we work with we want to be transparent throughout the process and also demonstrate value for money. As an ethical organisation we want our suppliers to reflect our values and help us achieve our corporate social responsibility objectives.

The need to demonstrate value for money is central to our procurement strategy. We work with our suppliers to deliver contracts which are robust, fit for purpose and maximise value for money for the Association.  We also strive to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our buying and sourcing solutions.

How we buy

Choice Housing Ireland s Procurement team have embedded electronic tendering in line with current best practice. 

The eProcurement system used by Choice is utilised by almost all Public Sector organisations throughout Northern Ireland – eTendersNI

Potential suppliers are advised to register on eTendersNI and opt for as many relevant CPV (common procurement vocabulary) codes as possible. eTendersNI will email notifications about current opportunities to suppliers based on their CPV profiles.

Full guidance for suppliers is available through the eTendersNI website, however, any queries about registering on eTendersNI or using the system can be directed to the eTendersNI helpdesk on 0800 240 4545 or email

Above EU Threshold – Goods, Services and Works

In accordance with current guidance and regulations, for above EU Threshold procurements, the Association will award contracts on the basis of the Most Economical Advantageous Tender (MEAT).

These contracts will be advertised on eTendersNI and the Official Journal of the European Union.

Below EU Threshold

For the majority of Construction Projects below EU Threshold  the Association  currently operates a Procurement Strategy for its Construction Work and Services in accordance with the Simplified Approach to Procurements Over £30K and Under EU Thresholds as Procurement Guidance Note (PGN) 05/12.

Opportunities will be advertised on eTendersNI

For non construction projects below EU Threshold the Association will adopt two procurement strategies. Below £30k will be either advertised via E Tenders or for specialized requirements invite a select list of suitably qualified suppliers to tender.  All projects with an estimated value over £30k will be advertised via e Tenders NI.

How we evaluate

Supplier selection is based on overall value for money to ensure the most economically advantageous contracts to Choice and surety of supply. There are a number of other criteria we evaluate including quality, reliability, safety, service and maintenance.

Potential suppliers must demonstrate their financial, commercial and technical capability to meet our contractual requirements. We also look for a clear demonstration of commitment to corporate social responsibility where appropriate.