What are your opening hours?

We are open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday.

Who do I contact if I need to report an emergency repair outside of your opening hours?

If you need to report an emergency repair when we are closed you can contact FOLD Telecare who will take details of your repair and arrange for a contractor to attend. FOLD Telecare can be contacted on 0800 7313081.

How long will it take for my repair to be completed?

Emergency Repairs - (24 hours) - This category is used where there is danger to life, major damage to the property, where the property is unsecure or if there is total loss of heating in the months October to March.

Urgent Repairs - (4 days) - Includes work which needs to be carried out to overcome any serious inconvenience to the tenant to prevent damage to the property.

Routine Repairs - (20 days) - Most repairs fall into this category.  This includes non-urgent work which does not cause immediate serious inconvenience or pose any danger to the occupants or public.

What repairs are my responsibility as a tenant?

A list of repairs that are the responsibility of the tenant can be found in your Repairs Handbook which is also available to download on our website.  If you are unsure of your responsibilities please contact the Services Centre on 0300 111 2211

How much notice do I have to give if I am moving out of my Choice property?

Tenants must give 4 weeks notice if they wish to termination their tenancy.  Notice can be given to us in writing or verbally through your Scheme Co Ordinator or by contacting our Services Centre directly on 0300 111 2211

Where are your properties?

We have properties throughout Northern Ireland, click here to view our property map and browse immediately available properties.  If you would like to enquire about availability please contact our Services Center on 0300 111 2211

Do I have the right to buy the property I am renting?

To be eligible to buy your home, you must have a minimum of five years tenancy with Choice or a qualifying landlord (for example another registered housing association or the Housing Executive).  Tenants without the five years qualifying tenancy may still be eligible to apply if they succeeded or were assigned their tenancy from a spouse or parent.  Introductory tenants are not eligible to apply but the time as an introductory tenant will count towards eligibility and discount.

Please note: the House Sales Scheme will end at midnight on 27 August 2022. If you wish to purchase your property, your application must be received by Choice Housing before midnight 27 August 2022.

Do I need buildings insurance?

No.  Your home is covered by Choice’s own insurance if the structure of the building is damaged by things such as fire or flood. However, the internal decorations and your belongings, including all carpets and floor coverings, are not covered by this insurance. You should insure them against accidental damage, theft or loss.  Choice will not be able to provide financial assistance to you to compensate for losses in the event you have not taken out adequate insurance cover. 

Do I need home contents insurance?

Choice’s insurance covers any structural damage to the building from fire, flood or any other cause. Any damage or theft of internal decorations or your personal belongings is not covered by Choice’s insurance. We strongly recommend you obtain insurance for accidental damage, theft or loss. 

What do you mean by “tenant involvement?”

Tenant Involvement is how you, a tenant of Choice, can influence the services The Association provides to you. It is a two way process, we will share ideas with you and we will listen to your comments and suggestions. We would hope that it will lead to an improvement in the services you receive. We want to encourage as many tenants as possible.  You can contact our Tenant Involvement Champion or your Housing Officer to further discuss this on 0300 111 2211

How can I get involved in the Tenants’ Forum?

The amount of time you have to give is up to you, we have lots of ways you can get involved. Our Menu of Involvement explains the options in more detail. This can be downloaded click here. Many of the activity areas can be carried out within the comfort of your own home, e.g. Surveys, postal questionnaires, telephone surveys, mystery shopping exercises. Other activity areas can take longer and may involve you attending meetings or events. Whatever level of involvement suits your lifestyle that’s your decision.

How often do the Tenants’ Forum meet?

The Forum meets every 10 weeks in the three regional areas usually in the morning but depending on peoples circumstances late afternoon or evening meetings can be facilitated.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions regarding Tenant Involvement?

To find out more you can telephone our Tenant Involvement Team on 0300 111 2211 or you can email the Tenant Participation Team at enquiries@choice-housing.org

I don’t speak English very well, what help will I get?

We can provide interpreters where possible or we can ensure information sent to you is in your preferred language upon request.