Our Mission is ‘to enrich lives through great homes, services and communities’.

Our Vision to 2024 is ‘to be recognised as the leading housing association group in Northern Ireland’.  Our focus is on delivering more great homes, enhanced services and stronger inclusive communities.

Our Ambition is ‘to make a positive and sustainable difference by increasing the supply of decent and affordable homes, by ensuring access to excellent support services, by promoting inclusive and thriving communities, and by making best use of our resources’.


What we do and say is underpinned by our three core values, namely:

We will be Caring - through listening, being helpful and always acting professionally;

We will be Committed - through determination, being reliable and always acting with integrity; and

We will be Creative - through innovating, being responsive and always seeking to improve.

 At Choice, we take pride in changing what you, our customers, can expect from a modern housing association.  We are a housing association that delivers much more than housing. We are in the business of transforming lives and building communities.


Our Values


We believe that having a great home can make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of everyone in our society.

Unfortunately, the need for decent, affordable housing and support services continues to grow. Consequently, the provision of great social, affordable homes and services for those in need remains a priority for Choice and our partners.

Choice will continue to leverage our skills and resources, working closely with other like-minded partners to deliver benefits for all communities. We will also play our part in addressing the strategic challenges that face society, including recovering from the impact of the global pandemic, climate change and promoting well-being.

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