More suppliers have entered into the electricity market in Northern Ireland over the last number of years.  If you have your own electricity meter, you can choose who supplies your electricity.  A number of websites are available to help compare suppliers, including http://www.consumercouncil.org.uk/consumers/save-money/energy/considering-switching-supplier. Before entering into any agreement we would advise that prices are checked directly with suppliers along with all terms and conditions.

Natural Gas

If you live in the greater Belfast area and your home is heated using natural gas then you may be able to choose between two suppliers; SSE Airtricity or Firmus Energy. You can contact SSE Airtricity on 0345 900 5253 or visit them at www.airtricitygasni.com, and Firmus Energy can be contacted on 0330 024 9000 or online at www.firmusenergy.co.uk. You can also compare suppliers prices at http://www.consumercouncil.org.uk/consumers/save-money/energy/considering-switching-supplier

It is anticipated that more suppliers will enter into the natural gas market in Northern Ireland in the near future. The natural gas network in Northern Ireland is also extending in parts of Co. Down, Co. Tyrone and Co. Fermanagh and so more consumers in Northern Ireland will be able to switch to natural gas from other fuels such as heating oil, storage heaters and solid fuel.

Heating Oil

If you use heating oil to heat your home then you will no doubt be aware that there are a large number of suppliers. We would advise when ordering heating oil, to compare prices.  The Consumer Council benchmarks average weekly oil prices in different areas and this information to allow you to compare prices at http://www.consumercouncil.org.uk/consumer/save-money/energy/home-heating-oil

Oil buying clubs can bring significant savings to many homes in Northern Ireland. There may be an oil buying club in your area which you can join and by grouping heating oil orders you could pay a reduced price. For more information on this please contact the Housing Executive at oilbuyingclubs@nihe.gov.uk or call 028 95 982 068 or 028 95 983 316. Alternatively you can text them at 07939 843 716

What about energy purchased by Choice?

Choice is responsible for electricity, natural gas and heating oil supply to a number of our schemes, with charges passed on to our customers.  Every year we review our energy contracts to ensure we are buying energy in a cost effective way. 

Choice also looks at innovative ways to deliver savings and have recently entered into a contract with Budget Energy to supply electricity to our new home.

More information

For more information on switching energy suppliers please contact the Consumer Council on 028 9025 1600, or visit their website at www.consumercouncil.org.uk/energy/switching-advice-for-consumers.

Or you can watch this short film by the Consumer Council about switching supplier-