Choice have a Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) where we invest in our homes to improve the condition in line with our standards. We operate a continuous Stock Condition Survey (SCS) programme where we assess whether the elements of our properties need improved, fixed or replaced. This includes ensuring that the building fabric and energy systems used in our homes are efficient and cost effective to operate.


Choice Success Stories 2019 to 2022:

  1. £2.5M invested in energy efficiency and Carbon reduction.
  2. £250K invested on energy efficiency innovation.
  3. 97% of new homes built to EPC Band A and B.


Key Energy Efficiency targets 2022 to 2025:

  1. Build all new homes to a SAP Band A – ‘Nearly Zero Energy Buildings’
  2. Improve the average EPC rating of our properties from 76 to 78 Band C.
  3. Retrofit 65% of known EPC band E, F & G properties to a minimum of EPC C.


For existing building we aim to invest £4.5M in the next three years. This will mean that since 2019, Choice will have invested approximately £6.5m in a range of energy efficient alternatives.

For more information on our plans see our Sustainability & Energy Strategy 2022-25 - link


You can check the EPC rating of your home at:

If you cannot find your property on the EPC database contact our Sustainability & Energy Team: or via phone: 0300 111 2211.


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SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) -

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) -


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