Before attempting to switch it is important to know these key things. Call your current supplier to get information.

In case you are not familiar:

Fixed rate – Simply means you have an agreed price per unit of energy measured in pence per kilowatt hour (kWh)

Variable rate – This means that you do not have an agreed price in pence per kilowatt hour and the price you pay will rise and fall based on the cost your energy supplier pays for your energy.



There are several electricity suppliers to choose from in Northern Ireland. If you are not in a contract you can switch your supplier to the cheapest available option. The Consumer Council updates the following comparison tables weekly:

To switch your supplier simply call the supplier you wish to switch to and they will advise what you need to do. Usually this is simple, quick and painless. Also check with your current supplier that you are able to switch and that you are not going to lose money from credits or grants from switching.


Natural Gas

If you live in an area that has access to natural gas you may be able to switch your suppliers. To check which suppliers operate in your area visit this link:

The Consumer Council also compare natural gas prices weekly. To see if you could save compare the prices in the tables to those on your bill. If you are unsure what you are being charged contact your current supplier to confirm.


Heating Oil

There are many more options when purchasing heating oil. It’s worthwhile comparing local suppliers to see who is offering the best prices. You can compare your local supplier to the average in your area on the Consumer Council website:

You can also compare heating oil suppliers via the following website:

You may be able to purchase you heating oil via an oil buying club. These are organised purchasing groups that can get better prices by purchasing heating oil in large volumes. Its worth checking the Northern Ireland Housing Executive Oil Buying Club to see if there is one local to your home.


You can call: 028 95 982 068 or 028 95 983 316 or text: 07939 843 716


Choice Energy Bills & Service Charges

Choice is responsible for electricity, natural gas and heating oil supply to a number of our schemes, with charges passed on to our customers.  Every year we review our energy contracts to ensure we are buying energy in a cost effective way. We review energy usage closely and take steps to reduce energy consumption through site visits.

If you are concerned about the energy bills passed to you from Choice contact our Sustainability & Energy team via email: or by phone: 0300 111 2211.