Paying Your Rent With Our Income Recovery Team

Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement you have an obligation to pay your rent, rates and, if applicable, service charges every week.  Therefore, you must remember to:

  • Make every effort to pay your rent on time
  • Respond to letters or visits from our staff
  • Make sure you have provided the Northern Ireland Housing Executive with all the information they need to process your Housing Benefit application
  • make sure you have provided the Department for Communities with all the information they need to process your Universal Credit claim.

The Income Recovery Team are responsible for monitoring rent accounts on a weekly basis and provides a dedicated service for tenants in rent arrears.

We now have an in house benefit and debt advice team dedicated to helping our tenants that are struggling with their rent. If you feel you would benefit from this service you can self-refer and contact our service centre or ask your housing officer to arrange for  one of the financial inclusion team to call you.

If you have difficulty in paying your rent or find yourself in arrears, you should contact the Income Recovery Team immediately on 0300 111 2211.  The sooner you get in touch with us, the easier it is to sort things out.

Pay Rent


You can pay your rent online through the allpay website.

Allpay App

You can pay your rent via the allpay App which is available to download from the AppleApp or Windows Phone store and Google Play enabling you to pay your rent from your Apple, Windows or Android smartphone.

Direct Debit

You can set up a direct debit agreement. Please contact the Income Recovery Team on 0300 111 2211.


You can pay via the telephone using your debit or credit card. You will need to provide us with your debit or credit card details and the amount you want to pay.

Swipecard payment at any Post Office, Shop or Garage displaying the PayPoint Sign

Your Choice swipecard enables you to pay your rent at any Post Office, shop or garage displaying the PayPoint sign. This is the most convenient way to pay if you do not have a bank account. Make sure you get a receipt and keep it safe.


Send a cheque or postal order to our head office at Leslie Morrell House 37 – 41 May Street, Belfast BT1 4DN.  Never send cash. You need to allow five days for your payment to reach us on time.

Universal Credit Direct Payment

If you claim Universal Credit, the housing cost element can be paid directly to your rent account.  However, if this does not cover the full amount of your rent you still need to pay us the difference at Choice Head Office

Choice Head Office

You can pay with with cash, by cheque, or by debit or credit card at our head office located at; Leslie Morrell House 37 – 41 May Street, Belfast BT1 4DN